3 desperate Mets roster moves they can make to save the season

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2) The Mets should call up Ronny Mauricio

The move Mets fans have been waiting for months. The Mets' top-hitting prospect continues to play Triple-A and test defense in left field.

Ronny Mauricio has slaughtered the balls of every pitcher in the minors this season. His swing has been adjusted, decreasing his number of strikeouts and making more ball contact.

If the Mets continue to intend to compete this year and fight for a postseason berth, they can't leave Mauricio batting at his mercy in the minors. Instead, this Mets lineup could use a power switch hitter like Mauricio to counterbalance Pete Alonso and Francisco Alvarez.

Ronny Mauricio offers even more versatility than before. His ability to play shortstop and second base offers important movements to remain in the daily lineup, being able to even play as a designated hitter or even left field, being able to move players like Tommy Pham, Mark Canha, Eduardo Escobar and Jeff McNeil on defense depending on the pitching matchup.

Mauricio's movement would imply that the Mets would have to look for trade partners or DFA'd one of Luis Guillorme or Daniel Vogelbach, with the first being the most likely. Faced with a scenario like this, the Mets would maintain a better balance in their lineup with more power and contact.