3 desperate Mets roster moves they can make to save the season

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
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The New York Mets find themselves in a difficult situation. After several weeks of playing below expectations, the hopes of a possible postseason qualification are becoming increasingly complicated.

Despite this, Steve Cohen, Billy Eppler, the Front Office, and the nearly $400 million payroll give no room for throwing in the towel. The Mets will be buyers this next trade deadline, and here we show the movements they must make to turn this season around.

1) The Mets must trade for Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly

What the Mets need most this season is pitching. Despite possessing a rotation headlined by two future Hall of Famers, the team's starting pitchers have fallen far short of their potential.

The main asset available this summer will be Lucas Giolito. This will make him the most demanded target, and therefore his cost will be very high. While Lance Lynn has been an underperforming pitcher the past few years and possesses an $18 million option next year with a $1 million buyout making him an interesting target.

Kelly seems not having a good season, but advanced metrics don't show it that way. His xERA is two points below his current ERA, and his fastball ranks top of the league in velocity. White Sox reliever owns a mere $9.5 million club option for 2024. 

The Mets can also take advantage of the fact that the relief market will be focused on Aroldis Chapman to make a good early proposal to the Chicago White Sox for the services of two pitchers that will come to improve a great need of the team. The Mets could get both pitchers without trading off a top prospect. Pitcher Jose Butto, third baseman Jacob Reimer and reliever Christian Scott (prospects 12, 14, and 27 in the organization) could be enough to make this trade.

With Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly, the Mets are getting two controllable pitchers that would positively impact two areas of need on the team without draining their farm system. With this movement, the team would improve what is necessary to start winning games and get into the standings.