3 roster mistakes fans are already afraid Billy Eppler will make

Wild Card Series - San Diego Padres v New York Mets - Game Two
Wild Card Series - San Diego Padres v New York Mets - Game Two / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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3) NY Mets fans fear the bullpen options will be underwhelming

Not much can save Eppler from getting dragged across concrete with the bullpen he ends up building. There are going to be at least two arms in there we would have liked to be better. With the way the Mets need to overhaul so much of the roster this winter, it’s making me appreciate what they had in 2022.

The Mets have brought in some decent depth guys to throw some relief innings. The challenge is making sure they aren’t in a revolving door, one behind the other. The depth chart has a ton of guys with a lot to prove. Very few have the pedigree to make us confident once the starters exit.

We may see Eppler spend wisely in free agency to build the bullpen, strike a deal for an awesome reliever, and raise our expectations. It’s the dream scenario. This could happen and still we’d have to expect some holes in the relief corps.

There aren’t a whole lot of very good relievers likely to end up with the Mets. The ones we do like, you make your pick, have some warts of their own. They’re too old or have enough of a track record of getting hurt.

New York will need to buy low with some relievers and hope for the best. Others may be names we already know and aren’t so sure about.

Eppler will need someone to blow on his dice. Building a bullpen isn’t easy. There may never be a first week in December of any offseason when we feel good about this situation.

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