3 Mets roster leftovers David Stearns should get rid of next

These three are empty calories at this point.
New York Mets v Minnesota Twins
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3) Omar Narvaez

Between Omar Narvaez and Starling Marte, the former is much easier to move on from. This is looking at it from a financial standpoint and one of talent. The Mets were able to successfully dump James McCann onto the Baltimore Orioles last offseason. Would they be capable of the same this time?

Marte, on the other hand, is making a lot more money. Even if he is in regress mode, he’s far more likely to rebound this coming year. There is only so much money Steve Cohen will be willing to eat. Counting on them to move Marte somewhere is like expecting your entire family to get along at the Thanksgiving table. Someone has a political belief you swear would have had them burnt at the stake in olden days. Another seems friendly but you know you’ll see them on a true crime documentary in the future about a new age cult.

The trouble with Narvaez is he had a virtual repeat of his 2022 season. He went from slashing .206/.292/.305 with the Milwaukee Brewers to the uninspired .211/.283/.297 he batted with the Mets.

Narvaez has become completely unnecessary with the rise of Francisco Alvarez. Tomas Nido, Michael Perez, or any other number of backup catchers are perfectly worthy. Narvaez and his $7 million contract for 2024 isn’t the answer on the field or in the payroll department.

Narvaez is the pricier wine you thought you bought for after the Thanksgiving meal only to discover it’s alcohol-free champagne. Not even the kids enjoy the taste on New Year’s when they want to drink something to feel a little more adult. It might just hang around until the expiration date at this point. Maybe not. Maybe the Mets find a way to move on from this leftover. The December holidays are coming. What else are you going to give your neighbors you don’t have a thing in common with or know much about but you share a property line and don’t mind occasionally small talking?

Welcome to the Miami Marlins, Omar Narvaez!