3 Mets roster leftovers David Stearns should get rid of next

These three are empty calories at this point.
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2) Phil Bickford

Phil Bickford is in the same situation as Reid-Foley. He now lacks minor league options. Stearns can probably justify holding onto one of them if he must. Both are out of the question.

Bickford got tuned up early during his stint with the Mets in August before settling down in September. The overall statistics aren’t so good. In 25.1 innings of work, Bickford was 3-2 with a 4.62 ERA.

A strong conclusion and an actual history of pitching a little better than Reid-Foley in the majors in past seasons is what moves him a spot ahead in any debate between the two. Bickford’s 7.36 ERA in August put him on the DFA bubble, however, a 0.84 ERA in September/October should result in too quick of a hook. As unlikely as it is for Bickford to finally figure it all out with the Mets, he should be the preferred choice over a pitcher like Reid-Foley.

The Mets have plenty of other pitchers on the 40-man roster who could have made a list like this. The difference is the Mets can send any of them down to Syracuse. They’re a leftover capable of being frozen.

Not Bickford. He’s a leftover yam. Once those decide to start growing roots, you need to act quickly.