3 Mets players from the Opening Day roster who could be gone by the All-Star Break

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NY Mets roster needs Trevor Williams right now but might not in a few weeks

Trevor Williams gives the Mets some nice pitching depth in the bullpen and starting rotation. An experienced starter who has found his way into the long man role for the Mets at the start of this season, he is getting an opportunity to start a little more frequently because of the team’s injuries.

This could continue for as long as the team is without some of its featured starters. Williams is a decent enough swing man to transition from the bullpen to the rotation and give Buck Showalter four innings or so.

For Williams, if he is underperforming and others look to be better options, he could see himself getting designated for assignment. A little more costly than Shreve, odds are far less in favor of this occurring. Plus, it never hurts to have more starting pitching depth or at least a reliever able to eat up some innings in a blowout.

Williams has been unpredictable for the team this year. It’s understandable. If we knew what he could give them, he would have a more permanent role in the rotation or even out of the bullpen—possibly something closer to what Seth Lugo was able to give them in 2018-2019.

Shreve is far more likely to lose his job on the Mets than Williams because of the number of innings the latter can give them. The last guy on this list, while not a DFA candidate, could still lose his roster spot by means of a demotion.