These 3 Mets roster gambles failed to hit the jackpot this year

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2) NY Mets roster gamble: Giving Stephen Nogosek as long of a leash as they did

The leashes on these Mets relievers must be retractable and broken. Stephen Nogosek got 25.2 innings of work across 13 games for the Mets prior to his recent DFA. He had about a 50/50 shot of making the team’s Opening Day roster. Several preseason injuries made the out of options reliever someone the team decided was worth keeping around if only to see what he could offer.

It wasn’t much. Nogosek went 0-1 with a 5.61 ERA for the team. He walked 14 batters and allowed 6 home runs. As a mop-up guy, Nogosek could’ve probably stuck around. The problem is the Mets have gambled with a few others in a similar role.

Notably, it’s Tommy Hunter, another recent DFA casualty, the Mets parted with as well. He had an even more miserable stay with the Mets. His 6.85 ERA in 23.2 innings of work trumps even what Nogosek gave them. He seemed like less of a gamble. With the need for some reliable starting pitching, it made sense why the Mets would choose to carry him from the onset of the season.

The Nogosek gamble was one the Mets were almost forced to make due to a lack of alternative bullpen options. What made it worsen was how long it lasted. Nogosek was clearly not going to turn things around. At least he helped eat up some innings on the days when Hunter had done the same a day before.