Which lefty with a no-hitter on his resume is best for the Mets this season?

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NY Mets trade candidate with a left arm and a no-hitter John Means

After Rodon threw his no-hitter last year, John Means followed up with one of his own for the Baltimore Orioles. May 5, 2021, was the date when Means added his name to the history books. He took down the Seattle Mariners in his game of glory and goose eggs.

Means, despite being around the same age as Manaea and Rodon, is at a much different point of his career. He has three years of control left. He’s also on a ball club that was losing when he debuted and will probably continue to lose this year as well.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when the Orioles will be good again. Means, with three more seasons before he reaches free agency, should remain a trade candidate on their roster until he finally is moved—or maybe extended?

Means has a 3.82 ERA in his career which lines up closely with what Manaea and Rodon have done. Not as well seasoned as those two, he has actually stayed relatively healthy in his major league career which is a huge plus.

Here’s the problem: the Orioles have no immediate need to trade him. He’s reaching arbitration eligibility for the first time this year so his salary won’t cut too deeply into their pockets. Means could get traded now for some decent talent. If he continues to get better, the Orioles can tell the Mets they want much more in return.

I like Means but compared to the price tag in free agent Rodon would command and how much less they’d need to give up to rent Manaea, I’m going to have to eliminate him. I wouldn’t say “no” if I was Mets general manager Billy Eppler. I just don’t think the Orioles are ready to part.

We have one more southpaw to look at. He’s a big one.