4 most obvious early season DFA candidates on the Mets roster

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The New York Mets season is underway and the 28-man roster is set to take forth on a journey this year to win it all. There weren’t too many surprises to make the team. It was a relatively easy decision to make from top to bottom.

However, the place on the big league team for four of their players could be short-lived. It’s not necessarily because any of them are bad. A baseball rule could get in the way.

For the 2022 Mets, there will be less patience with these four members of their roster. They are out of minor league options and their time on the club could be incredibly limited.

NY Mets DFA candidate Sean Reid-Foley

It’s only his second year with the Mets but it could be over sooner than expected. Sean Reid-Foley is out of minor league options which means if he doesn’t perform well enough early on this season he could be designated for assignment. This leads to a removal from the 40-man roster and a placement in waivers. He would have to pass through in order for the Mets to possibly send him to the minor leagues.

Reid-Foley has not accomplished enough for anyone to assume he would get snatched up on the waiver wire. Although a useful piece in a bullpen because of the length he can give, the Mets may quickly find him replaceable.

For sure, we know the Mets are going to have to eliminate to members from their Opening Day roster. Things will get cut down to 26 in a few weeks. Over this time period, someone like Reid-Foley will need to perform well whenever he gets the ball. Even then, with only Seth Lugo and Drew Smith in the bullpen with minor league options left, it may not be enough to save his job.