2 players moving up the depth chart, 1 player moving down

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Mets reliever Joely Rodriguez is far behind Chasen Shreve on the depth chart now

When the season began, Joely Rodriguez and Chasen Shreve were neck-and-neck on the depth chart. Shreve was a minor league signing that made the Opening Day roster. Rodriguez was an addition via trade with the New York Yankees. So far, their seasons couldn’t have started much more differently.

Shreve has been getting the job done and is easily the top lefty in the team’s bullpen thus far. Rodriguez, on the other hand, is making a poor first impression and will have to start pitching better if he wants to avoid becoming possibly the worst addition the Mets have ever made in a trade with the Yankees.

We were all fully aware that the Mets had a questionable arsenal of lefty relievers in their bullpen to begin the season. What we may not have all agreed on was how quickly these two would separate themselves.

It’s still early but the first instinct many of us had about these two is already coming true. Shreve has looked like a quality lefty reliever the Mets can look to for big outs. Rodriguez, meanwhile, doesn’t.

Because Rodriguez was a trade acquisition, it will be interesting to see how long the Mets give him to get his act together. He is out of minor league options. How soon do they admit defeat in a trade with their biggest geographical rival?

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