Mets depth chart at each position for the 2022 season

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Mets Center Field Depth Chart: Starling Marte, Brandon Nimmo, Nick Plummer, Mark Canha

This is one of the better center field depth charts the Mets have had in some years. Starling Marte alone changes everything. But if we then factor in what Brandon Nimmo was able to accomplish last season at the position, things are looking up at one of the club’s weakest positions in recent seasons.

Behind the Marte/Nimmo duo we have Nick Plummer. Although he has yet to receive even a single game of major league experience, he has a good chance to make the Opening Day roster as their fifth outfielder. His ability to play center field could be a big help, too.

Finally, they have Mark Canha to turn to. Although he is their starting left fielder next year, Canha has played some center field. This is a great tool to have in his belt. The more versatility a player has, the better.

The fact that the Mets have three capable major league center fielders is a huge plus. There’s no Albert Almora or Jake Marisnick to hope for the best with. Even a guy like Plummer is far enough down the line where we won’t have to keep our fingers too close to the panic button.

Between the three starters alone, the Mets have center field well-covered.