Mets depth chart at each position for the 2022 season

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Mets Shortstop Depth Chart: Francisco Lindor, Luis Guillorme, anyone you want to see make a fool of themselves

The shallowest position on the field for the Mets is at shortstop. After Francisco Lindor, only Luis Guillorme is listed on the depth chart. Others can stand there and maybe make a few plays. For the most part, it’s a two-man band.

Lindor may not have had the season anyone in Queens wanted. He didn’t hit well for most of the year and by the time he was swinging a nice bat, the Mets were ready to fade out of contention.

Something Lindor did do well throughout the whole 2021 season was play defense. He was a Gold Glove finalist and you could make an argument that he was robbed of winning his first in the National League.

His lone backup, Guillorme, has a better reputation fielding the position than actual results. He has, however, been limited to only 22 games at shortstop which might come as a bit of a surprise. Keep in mind, Amed Rosario played a lot of games for the Mets during his time with the club. Guillorme’s best position has been second base.

It’s not uncommon for a team to have few shortstop options. It’s the toughest position on the infield to play. We’ll just have to hope for a healthy year from Lindor.