Mets depth chart at each position for the 2022 season

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Mets Second Base Depth Chart: Jeff McNeil, Robinson Cano, Eduardo Escobar, Luis Guillorme

It’s still unclear exactly what the Mets will do at second base. At least according to the ESPN depth chart, it’s Jeff McNeil listed at number one with Robinson Cano behind him at number two.

Unless McNeil is traded, he seems to be in line to play second base. Other positions are occupied by newcomers to the roster. McNeil may always move to the bench and move around the diamond. For now, pencil him in at second base with a slight edge over Cano.

The other two options worth mentioning are Eduardo Escobar and Luis Guillorme. Escobar has quietly been a flexible player, best suited for the Mets as their third baseman next season. Mets fans have seen firsthand just how many positions Guillorme can play. Throughout his stint with the club, he has moved between second base, third base, and even shortstop. A whiz at times with the glove, he’s a gifted asset to have on your bench for a late-inning defensive replacement. Beyond that, I’m not so sure.

The fact that the Mets have this many second base options already on the roster is great. It wouldn’t come to it, but even Francisco Lindor could surely move over and man the position temporarily.

One of the last unknowns about the team’s starting lineup next season, it’s never bad to have options.