Mets depth chart at each position for the 2022 season

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Mets First Base Depth Chart: Pete Alonso, Dominic Smith, anyone else with a glove

I’m not saying playing first base in the major leagues is easy but I’m also not saying it’s difficult. Anyone with a glove can probably figure it out with enough practice. Rather than order players beyond the main two guys, let’s limit the third-string options to whoever the team has available.

Pete Alonso is first on the first base depth chart, a fact that only changes if the DH officially arrives into the National League. Even then, I think it’s Alonso that ends up with the most starts at the position. He isn’t a butcher at the position. The team has other bats they can utilize in the DH role without moving the Polar Bear to one side of the baseball exclusively.

Behind Alonso is the more defensively-sound Dominic Smith. We’ve seen Smith far more out in left field in recent seasons, but the preference has always been for him to play first.

I actually hate the idea of having two first basemen on a National League roster. With such limited space, you can’t get creative with your typical five man bench.

My disgust will dissipate slightly with the oncoming addition of the DH. It’s a lot more tolerable. Plus, as Smith has proven, he can at least look average at times out in left field. I give him a lot of credit. He worked hard at the position.