Mets depth chart at each position for the 2022 season

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The offseason is a time for MLB teams to build their depth. The New York Mets began this task prior to the lockout, pushing several starters to the bench.

Although plenty more can change between now and Opening Day, the Mets actually seem to have a pretty deep roster already when looking at their positional depth chart.

Using the ESPN positional depth chart, this is who we can expect to play each position for the Mets in 2022. There are no surprises here. Instead, I hope the takeaway is a positive feeling that even in the direst of situations, the Mets have places to turn at nearly every position.

Mets Catcher Depth Chart: James McCann, Tomas Nido, Patrick Mazeika

There’s nothing new behind the plate for the Mets barring some kind of major change on the way. James McCann will open the season behind the plate with Tomas Nido as his backup. Waiting for his chance to fill in as needed and maybe win a couple of games on some fielder’s choices is Patrick Mazeika.

The catching situation isn’t horrific as long as McCann begins to live up to his contract. Last year’s performance at the plate was poor and should have us slightly concerned about what lies ahead.

Nido has shown he is a capable backup, one able to even fill in for more than just a weekly start. However, as the starts begin to build up, his weaknesses do show.

For Mazeika, he’ll have to settle in at the Triple-A level until the Mets need him.

Until prospect Francisco Alvarez arrives to the big leagues, the Mets are going to hope to squeeze the most out of McCann that they…McCann?

These three combine for a serviceable trio with the most upside coming from the starter, McCann. Nido and Mazeika are what they are; career backups that we want focusing on their defensive game more than anything else. Any hits we get from them is extra.