3 decisions holding the Mets back from having the best roster possible

Time machines will be made to correct roster decisions like these.
Feb 22, 2021; Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA; The hat and glove of New York Mets starting pitcher
Feb 22, 2021; Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA; The hat and glove of New York Mets starting pitcher / Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports
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A fair criticism of the New York Mets this offseason is how limiting some of their moves have been. Although good moves in their own way, several of the additions to the Mets roster have unfortunately shut the door on different additions in the final weeks of free agency.

Consider these three roster decisions ones where the Mets got caught blocking themselves from making a different and possibly even better move.

1) Signing Joey Wendle stole some options for the third base competition

This is a move the Mets might want to wish they could re-do. They would’ve needed hindsight to avoid it. At the time, Joey Wendle was nothing more than a slight Luis Guillorme upgrade. Now he’s much more in line for some regular third base appearances for defense and even starts if he is able to outhit Brett Baty.

The trouble with having Wendle on the roster is it virtually eliminated any chance of the team signing Gio Urshela or any other infielder. The need for Urshela arose following the ACL injury to Ronny Mauricio. But with Wendle already here, the redundancy of having two lighter-hitting infielders with good defensive skills stole away any credible pitch the Mets could’ve made to Urshela.

“Maybe you can get some starts at third base,” the Mets could now say. Who wants a “maybe” from an employer? Those rumors of him coming to Queens have quieted down for good reason. There just isn’t enough of an opportunity here.

The Mets have been keen to add defensively-gifted players to the organization this winter. We’ve seen multiple ones brought in for the major league roster. Minor league additions of Jose Iglesias and Yolmer Sanchez will help fortify them further. Wendle is a solid defender whose bat has fallen off in recent years. Now with some additional questions about what'll happen at third base, the Mets may be routinely stuck with having to choose between offense, defense, or neither at times.