Showing Zack Wheeler the door and 3 other Brodie Van Wagenen decisions continuing to age poorly

Some of the decisions by Brodie Van Wagenen continue to hurt the Mets.
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4) Focusing the entire 2019 MLB Draft on Matt Allan

This is going to be a low score but it still needs mentioning. The Mets focused their entire 2019 MLB Draft on having enough bonus slot money to take high school pitcher Matt Allan. Something out of everyone’s control, Allan has been perpetually hurt throughout his professional career.

The bold strategy has been a major bust thus far. Brett Baty in the first round has potential. Second-rounder Josh Wolf at least helped the Mets get Francisco Lindor. The rest of the draft didn’t even include any surprise hits along the way. Although some of the players taken remain with the organization, there is no diamond in the rough about to emerge.

Allan has appeared in only 10.1 innings since getting selected by the Mets. These unforeseen injuries don’t fall solely on the lap of Van Wagenen. What it does do is provide a little bit of irony considering the two players he did let leave, Wheeler and Flores, weren’t invited back in part because of their health.

Blame Level for BVW: 2 out of 10 – Something about putting all of your eggs into one basket and the handle of said basket breaking.

A bonus wag of the finger at Brodie Van Wagenen

What about Travis d’Arnaud? Non-tendered by the Mets early in 2019, he has proudly worn a chip on his shoulder ever since. The blame level here is non-existent. d’Arnaud had years to prove himself and never could stay on the field or productive enough to satisfy the need behind the plate. In this instance, we can really only throw our arms up and wonder whose amulet Van Wagenen broke to get cursed for that move.