3 best roster depth pieces added this offseason so far

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox
Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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The New York Mets have done more this offseason than sign Justin Verlander, Carlos Correa, and anger cheap owners in the process. They’ve also made some important depth additions. Many of those guys won’t begin the year in the majors.

Every team needs a good cabinet full of players stashed on the farm, ready to get promoted, and contribute. The Mets have been active in this area. We should feel pretty good about this part of the team.

Who are the three best depth pieces added to the organization? It’s a position player and a pair of pitcher who I view as the most important.

1) NY Mets will have Danny Mendick on speed dial to the majors

Think of Danny Mendick as the new Travis Blankenhorn. In the past when the Mets were in need of an infielder, they turned to Blankenhorn. Not anymore. Mendick is a righty from Rochester with a much better track record of playing in the majors.

Mendick isn’t about to stun us and steal away playing time from anyone. He is nothing but a depth piece for the Mets.

Mendick is the definition of a utility player. The Chicago White Sox used him all over the field. It’s hard to rate his defense because of this. Add in that none of us have actually watched him play much, we can only assume he’s like most players who wear many gloves—passable wherever the skipper puts him.

At the plate, Mendick has slashed .251/.309/.366 in 446 big league plate appearances. He was a .289/.343/.443 hitter for the White Sox last year in 106 chances.

On the depth chart, he’ll fall behind Luis Guillorme but probably ahead of many others. The Mets would probably look to him the moment they need someone for the bench due to an injury.