Mets roster: 1 player to bench, 1 to demote, and 1 to call-up

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One Mets player to call up: Ronny Mauricio

Mets fans are losing patience with the offensive disaster they're seeing game after game. The inability of the Mets lineup to produce runs has led them to receive seven shutouts so far in 2023, which is terrible.

Many times the roster of the teams needs drastic changes that help awaken the players and cause the necessary effects. In the case of the Mets, the front office has been very patient in waiting for the results of a formula that doesn't work.

Unlike perhaps other teams, the Mets may have the solution to one of their problems on their farm. Just as Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez came up to MLB and have been producing after a natural adaptation process, other top prospects could come up and help the team produce more runs.

Ronny Mauricio enters this area. The number five prospect in the Mets organization has been killing balls in Triple-A all season. The young shortstop has been improving his hitting profile since the Dominican Winter League, where he was selected MVP last regular season.

Mauricio's bat has little to prove in the minors. He has improved his swing significantly, striking out less than in previous years and hitting with a better launch angle that has allowed him to fly the ball more.

Mauricio's problem has always been his playing position, but the young Dominican has been covering second base for the Mets' AAA affiliate in decent shape. This opens up the possibility of being able to be called up to the big team as soon as right now.

With a Jeff McNeil move to LF, Mauricio could play second base and receive feedback and help from Francisco Lindor for a better double-play combination. Mauricio's power and switch-hitter status can greatly impact an offense that desperately needs help.

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