Mets roster: 1 player to bench, 1 to demote, and 1 to call-up

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One Mets player to demote: Luis Guillorme

Advanced metrics have made defense even more appreciated in today's baseball. This will be relevant as long as it is not based on the extreme sacrifice of the offense. This is the case in which we find Luis Guillorme.

Guillorme has been a good role player with the Mets in his career. He has been a player with great versatility and defense who possesses good contact skills, especially against right-handed shooters.

However, Guillorme's hitting profile has changed dramatically this season. The Mets outfielder finds himself putting the ball in play less this year as his K% is up nearly 10 points from 2022.

His hitting quality is below league average, and his wRC+ is below 100. The main reason Guillorme has found himself producing below his usual level has been his new tendency to swing less in the strike zone, something that seems to be a trend in the Mets team this season.

This drop in Guillorme's offensive production should be offset by his great defense. However, Guillorme ranks in the bottom 10% of the league in Outs Above Average, where he was in the top 10% of the league, in 2022.

There aren't reasons to justify Guillorme's presence on the Mets' MLB roster. By having one minor league option left, Guillorme could be demoted to AAA, while his spot could be used to raise a top prospect in the minors.