6 more Athletics players we could see playing in Queens in 2022

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Budding star pitcher Frankie Montas is on the rise

Turning our attention to the Mets starting rotation for a few moments, nobody was better for the Athletics last year than Frankie Montas. In his age 28 season, Montas finished sixth in the Cy Young vote. He was 13-9 with a 3.37 ERA and league-leading 32 games started.

Traded three times already in his career, Montas has been thought of for years as a potential top-of-the-rotation arm. He pitched well in 2018 and 2019 during limited action and finally put together his first 100+ inning season in 2021.

Montas might be a little tricky to land. One of the more affordable and controllable pitchers the Athletics have, I suspect hauling him in would be a bit more expensive than some other names on this list. The Athletics are only trading away players to save money. Right now, Montas isn’t that big of a burden on their payroll.

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible and we should completely write off the Mets as a landing destination for him. It could make far more sense for the Mets to buy a bigger price to get a guy they can have for a few more seasons rather than a one-year rental. Montas may not have too extensive of a resume to show us exactly what lies ahead. This won’t stop teams from inquiring about what it would take to put him in their locker room.