6 more Athletics players we could see playing in Queens in 2022

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Free agent reliever Andrew Chafin is a must for the Mets

If there’s one player from the Athletics I would most want to see the Mets add, and think they have a great shot to do it, it’s free agent reliever Andrew Chafin. Maybe I’m partial to the facial hair. I feel like instead of a bullpen cart he would ride out to the mound on one of those tall old-timey bikes.

Chafin is coming off of a 1.83 ERA season with the Chicago Cubs and Athletics. Approaching his age 32 season, he’s the kind of lefty reliever you can sign to a multi-year contract and not worry too much about age catching up with him.

Most of his career was spent with the Arizona Diamondbacks quietly putting together solid years for them from 2014-2019. It really wasn’t until last year when he began to get noticed a little more around the league when his time in Chicago showed us all how awesome he can truly be.

The Mets have a need for a lefty reliever or two. Having already lost Aaron Loup to the Los Angeles Angels, the search for their next bullpen southpaw is underway.

Chafin is a free agent so there’s no calling up the front office in Oakland to try and get a deal done. He’s available to the highest bidder with the best opportunity. Seeing as the Mets are going full force into next season, I can’t see what else a team can offer Chafin that they cannot.