5 Mets roster questions to answer before the August 1 trade deadline

Chicago White Sox v New York Mets
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3) NY Mets roster question: How willing are they to cut players they cannot trade?

Not all of those “dead weight” players can get traded. What kind of a market is there for Carlos Carrasco? Daniel Vogelbach is a bad fit for the Mets. Other teams will feel the same way.

The logical move after the trade deadline might be to cut certain players the Mets are unable to move. It sounds silly to hold onto a player they don’t intend to keep around post-deadline. Surely, someone will offer up even a low-level prospect with little upside in return for a big leaguer.

The Mets need to have their post-trade deadline plans completely mapped out. This includes who they’re willing to part ways with via the DFA.

It’s not unusual for teams to eat money on players who’ve outworn their welcome. Carrasco is a pitcher so he might get the benefit of staying for the purpose of eating innings. Vogelbach can survive through the end of the year as well and become a non-tender candidate in the offseason.

This question is all about money. How much more will Steve Cohen be willing to pay for players wearing other uniforms?

The question: Will the Mets cut players they cannot trade?

The answer: It doesn’t matter unless someone is taking away playing time from someone who will be around next season. By the time we get to September, it’s dead money anyway.