Ranking the 5 options the Mets have when rosters go from 28 to 26

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets - Game Two
San Francisco Giants v New York Mets - Game Two / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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This time tomorrow, or maybe even right now if you spent your Sunday in heaven napping, Major League Baseball rosters will go from 28 to 26. The New York Mets have to decide which two players they won’t move forward with. The decision isn’t so easy either.

A lack of minor league options for some players, high salaries for others, and unrealistic possibilities of other transactions make this a not-so-simple solution.

Although they have more than five options, these are the ones that seem most likely to occur on the transaction log. Rather than try to predict what the Mets will do, I thought about ranking those choices. What’s the best thing the Mets can do?

5) The Mets should demote J.D. Davis, Luis Guillorme, or Dominic Smith

The idea of demoting any of these three doesn’t seem right. J.D. Davis is a nice right-handed bat to have, Luis Guillorme is their lone backup shortstop, and Dominic Smith should be playing more than he has. All three of these players have ways where they can contribute to the Mets. Unfortunately, they also have minor league options which means the Mets may decide to demote one of them.

Between the three, Guillorme is performing the least this year. However, because they don’t really have any suitable backups for Francisco Lindor at shortstop, his job could be saved.

One consideration the team should take into account is Eduardo Escobar’s flexibility. While not quite a shortstop of much quality these days, he can probably pull it off for an evening to give Lindor a break. Lindor should be playing just about every day anyway so it’s not a huge concern. And if he does suffer an injury, they can always recall Guillorme.

The least favorite of the choices, the benefit here is the Mets don’t lose a player by having to designate anyone for assignment. It’s also only temporary.