3 roster upgrades the Mets need to add at this year’s trade deadline

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
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2) The Mets need to upgrade the DH position

Even if J.D. Davis does come around for good and starts to crank home runs, the Mets should look into adding someone else for the bulk of DH starts. It doesn’t even need to be an everyday player. What they could be in the market for is a left-handed hitter to pair with Davis in this role. Dominic Smith wasn’t hitting nearly well enough for him to keep his roster spot. The abilities of Khalil Lee and Nick Plummer can also come into question at times.

Davis is holding onto his roster spot because of a lack of internal upgrades within the organization. He has also been their best right-handed hitter off of the bench/available for DH duties. He can help solve any questions the Mets may have out of the DH spot by continuing to show signs of improvement. If he slumps again, Eppler needs to be on the phone with every seller in hopes of finding someone else.

The ideal player to pair with Davis would be a lefty with some pop. Preferably, this should be a guy who can even play a corner outfield position. If the Mets were willing to take on a big contract, Charlie Blackmon of the Colorado Rockies might be an intriguing player to consider. There is a player option on him for next season with incentives that could raise his salary to $18 million. If the Rockies were to eat a portion of the salary, it’s something to kick the tires on.

As much as Blackmon has faded, he continues to hit well versus right-handed pitchers.