3 Mets position players who benefit from the 13 pitcher limit

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With the 13 pitcher limit into coming into play on Monday, the New York Mets will have to make an adjustment to their roster. They currently have 14 pitchers and 12 position players on the roster. One of Yoan Lopez or Adonis Medina will likely be the pitcher sent down, and the Mets need to figure out who to call up to take their place.

Travis Jankowski and James McCann are two players who are close to returning from injury and will be back on the roster when eligible, but that probably won't be on Monday.

There are three prime players I think the Mets will consider calling up and them all being on the 40-man roster already is a plus.

1. NY Mets Outfielder Khalil Lee

Khalil Lee is in my opinion the most likely player to get the roster spot. He is the player who was most recently up in the bigs and has been swinging a hot bat in AAA.

Lee is slashing .221/.393/.729 in Syracuse with four home runs and 15 RBI in 34 games. While that might not look great on the surface, in his last 12 games in Syracuse after a brief stint in Single A he's hit .333 with all four of his home runs.

Lee provides speed and defense in the outfield, things that Nick Plummer, the current fourth outfielder, isn't known for.

Lee definitely comes with his flaws as he strikes out too much but he'd be a solid pinch runner or defensive replacement and does have a home run in two big league at bats this season after a very poor showing last season. He'd be up until Travis Jankowski returns.