3 Mets players who won't be on the roster by July 1

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2) Dominic Leone won’t be on the NY Mets roster by July 1

So Walker, Curtiss, and Brigham could all be gone by July 1. The same is true for Dominic Leone whose presence on the Mets is as questionable as anyone’s. The only reason he hasn’t been dismissed could be sample size. The team got rid of the deadweight of Nogosek and Hunter in the bullpen. All that’s left to linger among the relievers without minor league options is Leone.

Leone wasn’t a bad pickup for the Mets. His 1.51 ERA in 2020 is definitely enough to catch anyone’s eye. The fall to 4.01 last season with the San Francisco Giants was certainly a little more of an explanation as to why he didn’t sign anywhere in the offseason. Add in his 1.60 WHIP and we find a player who is probably trending in the wrong direction.

The Mets haven’t gotten a whole lot from Leone. He has been, in a lot of ways, even more useless to have around than Nogosek or Hunter. At least they were able to eat up multiple innings at a time. When Leone pitches, he tends to only get the sixth or seventh in a Mets loss.

Pitchers like Leone might be necessary for rosters. The Mets need to be better than to continue carrying him. One mop-up guy who can take one on the chin for two or three frames as needed is okay. Preferably, it’s someone with minor league options. Leone has a lot more to do in order to prove he should stick around by July 1.