3 Mets players who will not win our trust in 2022

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Mets pitcher Carlos Carrasco will look more cooked than we hoped

Even if we give Carlos Carrasco the benefit of a doubt and write off his first year with the Mets, there’s enough reason to believe he’s closer to cooked than not. Carrasco made 12 starts for the team in 2021, going 1-5 with a 6.04 ERA. It was not what we signed up for.

From 2014-2020, Carrasco was a consistent pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. Late to bloom, he was a tremendous innings eater for a time period when Cleveland was a contender in the American League. His health took a toll on him in 2019 when he had his first rough season since becoming a mainstay in the club’s rotation.

Health, in a far different way, hampered Carrasco’s success in 2021. He missed the first few months of the year. When he did finally step on the mound in orange and blue, the team was ready to give up their spot atop the National League East. He was partially to blame for this. So were the other 25 men he shared the roster with.

I expect better things from Carrasco this year, but nothing too excellent. He pitches this year at age 35. Not every pitcher ages like wine. Some are more like milk.

Carrasco has a ton to prove this year. Beginning with his health, it’s an uphill battle I’m not sure he can reach. If he is a competent number five starter, it’s a victory.

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