3 Mets players who will not win our trust in 2022

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Trust is a hard thing to come by. Our world has fake news, deep fakes, and everyone I went to high school with in it. You can’t trust much. You can’t even believe in every player on the New York Mets roster.

There’s a lot of optimism about the 2022 Mets. They have Max Scherzer now and a couple of other proven veterans. But just because players have done it in the past doesn’t mean they will do it again in 2022.

Some Mets players have already earned our trust while others are more likely to disappoint or leave us wondering where it all went wrong. In 2022, these three Mets will not earn our trust.

Mets pitcher Tylor Megill will not get a chance to earn our trust

There’s a good chance Tylor Megill begins the season in Triple-A. It’s not a bad situation for him. He could use a little more grooming on the farm.

Unfortunately, Megill may have some other troubles ahead. Just getting onto the major league roster could be a challenge. He has the former more highly-ranked David Peterson to compete with for those emergency starts. Considering Peterson pitched well in 2020 and only didn’t get more opportunities in 2021 due to injury, I think Megill will fall a little further down the line on the depth chart.

That’s not to say the season will be completely void of Megill in 2022. He should get a few starts at some point in the season. The Mets have an older rotation. And even if they do bring in another younger arm, injuries happen throughout the course of a season.

Whatever big league time Megill has in the coming season, I don’t expect it to be enough for him to earn our trust. His fast rise up the minor league ranks in 2021 came as a huge surprise. Already 26 with an okay half-season under his belt, Megill will only have a limited amount of time to prove himself at the big league level as a starter.

One outside possibility is Megill taking on a reliever role. Before the 2021 season, he actually spent a good number of minor league innings as a reliever. Could the Mets possibly consider moving him into this role sooner than he’d probably hope?