Predicting 3 Mets who won't be on the roster before the August 1 trade deadline

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2) Why the NY Mets roster won’t have Dominic Leone on it before August 1

Dominic Leone was an in-season pickup off the scrapheap by the Mets. Through 28 innings of work in 28 games, he has been a very average reliever. The 4.50 ERA he carries with him into Sunday’s game is the perfect indication of who he is. He’s averaging an earned run in about every other appearance for the Mets this year.

Leone has a much better track record than this. His 3.75 ERA lifetime and 1.51 ERA he pulled out of his sleeve in 2021 could make him an option on the trade market. He throws strikes (2.9 walks per 9) and strikes out batters (10 per 9 this season). Inexpensive in salary and asking price, the Mets need to move on from him if there are any takers. He is, after all, a free agent at the end of this year. All he’ll serve them for after the trade deadline is the ability to eat some innings. Anyone can do that.

The market for Leone won’t have anyone busting down doors yet it should be extensive. An average reliever in the back of a bullpen has some value. Any club willing to hand a roster spot to an out-of-options veteran who has been good in the recent past should consider him. Maybe the San Francisco Giants consider a reunion.

Leone will definitely get traded. And because he’s not going to break the bank, an earlier deadline deal feels possible.