Predicting 3 Mets who won't be on the roster before the August 1 trade deadline

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August 1 has much more significance this season than in years past. It’s the final day before the MLB trade deadline and the last hope to improve a team’s future. The New York Mets will be looking ahead this year to 2024, unless something ridiculous happens over the next week.

Most of the moves we should expect the Mets to make with the roster will take place in the late afternoon or early evening of August 1. Taxi squad players will be in full force that night ready to replace the dearly departed players who’ve already been traded.

Before August 1, however, we should prepare to see these three Mets players already gone from the 26-man roster.

1) Why the NY Mets roster won’t have Mark Canha on it before August 1

Trade interest in Mark Canha is a bit stronger than expected. The Seattle Mariners have checked in on him and he seems to be a guy any club in need of a right-handed outfielder could look into. The Los Angeles Dodgers have also reportedly checked in on him, creating a growing market for the veteran outfielder.

The large need for quality players like Canha who can play all three outfield positions and first base should have someone nibbling before August 1 for a trade.

Tommy Pham, the other right-handed hitting outfielder on the Mets roster, might be more of a last minute trade because of his day-to-day injury status. Teams would be wise to back off a little bit to see how this week goes before agreeing to any sort of deal. He has cooled off a bit as well while Canha is putting up numbers only slightly below his career totals. He goes into Sunday slashing .242/.339/.386 on the year. Compared to the .248/.348/.423 he has hit in parts of 9 big league seasons, we can see how buyers would view him favorably enough to add him into their outfield mix.

Canha may not fetch a particularly large return, but with the addition of the third wild card and far more buyers than sellers, the Mets should be able to create a bidding skirmish. The team option for next year adds some intrigue. Teams can look to continue the relationship if things go well or cut bait after this season.