3 Mets roster experiments to try after the trade deadline

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2) The Mets should call up Ronny Mauricio and rotate him along with Brett Baty between left field and third base

The anticipated arrival of Ronny Mauricio to MLB by the fans may have an end. The team probably call up Mauricio after the sale of some players at the trade deadline.

Mauricio's appearance in MLB is essential to the short-term plans of the Mets organization. Defining whether the offense that he has shown to date in AAA can be transferred against MLB pitchers will provide clarity to the front office about his needs for 2024.

However, the most important aspect of Mauricio's game may be positional. In the minors, he has been playing between second base and left field to find him a fixed position and have him in the lineup every day.

The Mets should consider experimenting with playing Mauricio and Bret Batty between third base and left field for the remainder of the season for several reasons. Mauricio is a shortstop who has a better range and instinct to play third base than any other position. Additionally, in terms of fielding percentage, Baty demonstrated in the minors he can handle the left field position better than Mauricio has shown so far, although both have the arm to play both positions.

This decision would give the organization a clear direction as to which player is best suited for each position, leaving second base to Jeff McNeil, which is his natural position and where he plays best. This experiment can give Baty and Mauricio a daily spot in the 2024 lineup without having to sacrifice any of them or other players to get out of their natural positions.