3 Mets roster experiments to try after the trade deadline

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The New York Mets have a slim chance of making the postseason. The team has been underperforming throughout the season, showing deficiencies in different areas of the game that have prevented them from reaching their expected potential.

Approaching the trade deadline, the Mets look inclined to possibly sell those players with little control who would be free agents after this season. As soon as these events happen, the team should design strategies to test players and lighten the load on others in their search to define what the needs to cover would be to be competitive in 2024.

1) The Mets should implement a six-man rotation for the remainder of the year

The Mets' rotation has been arguably the biggest disappointment all season. Designed to be potentially the best rotation in baseball, led by two future Hall of Famers pitchers, the starting staff failed to display the consistency needed to put the team in an advantageous position in 2023.

With the possible departure of Carlos Carrasco for the trade deadline, the Mets must redefine their rotation for the remainder of this season and lighten the time-to-time load on their starters, especially Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, and Kodai Senga. Among these, Scherzer seems to be the pitcher who needs the longest to rediscover his slider, who is being hit three times as hard as last season, and whose swing and miss capacity has decreased by almost 15 points.

In an experimental scenario, the Mets must choose a six-pitcher rotation, being able to achieve several goals with this decision. By this action, the team will take care of the arms of Verlander, Scherzer, and Senga, who, due to age and history of injury risks, while being able to test other pitchers on their farm and thus evaluate what they have in 2024.

David Peterson or Joey Lucchesi could immediately take over Carlos Carrasco's spot, and additionally, the team can call up Mike Vasil to complete the six-pitcher rotation. This would be an important decision to understand if Vasil has the repertoire capable of being relevant in 2024 or if the front office will find it necessary to acquire a starter in the next free agency.