5 Mets players from last year you already forgot about

New York Mets v Washington Nationals - Game One
New York Mets v Washington Nationals - Game One / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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You forgot Geoff Hartlieb played for the NY Mets last year

You may have completely forgotten the name Geoff Hartlieb and feel no guilt about it. If so, welcome to my club.

Hartlieb joined the Mets in mid-July of last year when he was selected off of waivers from the Pittsburgh Pirates. He would go to the Boston Red Sox in early September through a waiver claim as well, but not before giving the Mets 4.1 innings in 3 appearances.

Hartlieb appeared in nothing but losses for New York. He gave the team 1.1 innings in Cincinnati against the Reds then another frame at home against them on August 1. His final Mets appearances was a two inning performance versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. Each outing included at least an earned run tagged to his stat sheet. When it was all over, he had a 14.54 ERA and a walk/strikeout ratio of 6/5.

We can consider him one of those mid-season additions meant only to get the team through a couple of innings in blowout losses. This was the gift Hartlieb brought to the Mets n his one and only year with the ball club.

This season, a member of Boston’s Triple-A team, he’s kind of doing the same thing. At last check, he had a 9.15 ERA in 20.2 innings of work. It sounds about right.