Forgettable 2020 Mets roster highlighting this year's free agent class

From a season that didn't seem real, the 2020 Mets are all over this year's free agent class.
Baltimore Orioles v New York Mets
Baltimore Orioles v New York Mets / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

The 2020 New York Mets were in such dire need of starting pitching, they even turned to Seth Lugo for help. By then he had already become one of the team's best relievers. The move was something he never seemed satisfied with. Starting was always a goal. It’s a big reason why he was probably never destined to return to the Mets once he hit free agency. Every front office group viewed him as a reliever.

Lugo got his chance last year to start with the San Diego Padres where he, oddly enough, reunited with another member of the 2020 Mets rotation, Michael Wacha.

Each was a bright spot on an underachieving Padres team. Once again reunited, this time with the Kansas City Royals, two of the better free agent starting pitchers have now been snatched up. This isn’t the end of those scrappy and forgettable 2020 Mets making themselves heard in free agency this winter. One more pitcher from the 2020 team remains as does an everyday player.

Former Mets Marcus Stroman and Amed Rosario are two of the best at their position available

Stroman never actually played for the 2020 Mets. He opted out after an injury and enough service time to allow him a trip to free agency. He ended up accepting the qualifying offer and returning to New York for another season. The last two years have been spent with the Chicago Cubs where he did what he has throughout his career: pitch like an ace most of the time.

So why no real buzz about Stroman this winter? We can only gather theories. Not one to hold back from voicing his opinion, being so forthright on social media isn't exactly the most enticing quality.

Stroman is easily one of the best available pitchers. We know a return to the Mets is about as likely as the team retiring Vince Coleman's number. Where will he land? Look for a Yoshinobu Yamamoto sweepstakes loser to sign him to a deal with a team option available after a year or two.

Fellow free agent Amed Rosario hasn't gotten much attention either. After two straight winters headlined by star free agent shortstops, this offseason features a much weaker upper tier. Rosario is among the best. His time with the Mets ended in the Francisco Lindor trade. Oddly enough, he found his way to the Los Angeles Dodgers last summer when they sent Noah Syndergaard to the Cleveland Guardians. It’s probably worth mentioning Syndergaard as another member of the 2020 Mets isn’t it? Well, he was recovering from preseason Tommy John Surgery while the world was in lockdown.

Syndergaard’s market is completely unknown. For Rosario, a starting gig with the Los Angeles Angels or Miami Marlins would make some sense. Possibly headed toward a one-year deal, Rosario is a member of a bleak middle infield market where teams may prefer to go internal if they can.

The 2020 Mets are for good reason a forgettable bunch. This offseason, they're all over the free agent market.