Mets roster: 1 player to demote or release, 1 to trade, 1 to bench

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1 NY Mets player to bench

There is still one option left for a team trying to make changes to their line up. You can always release the player from his contract. There is nothing complicated about telling a player that unfortunately his services are no longer required. Naturally, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Players’ contracts are guaranteed in MLB. That means if you do release a player, you are still responsible for paying him whatever is left of his contract. That's why the Mets are paying Robinson Cano to stay home this year and will continue paying Bobby Bonilla until well after the cows have come home.

If you are looking for a player to bench, it’s no secret that on this team his name is Eduardo Escobar. Since we have already moved Tim Locatsro earlier in this article, we have a roster opening to use to call up Brett Baty. Baty's defense has improved and is bat looks ready. Escobar is off to another of his slow starts at the plate, so much so that it makes you wonder how much he has left in the tank.

This is a change at third base that most fans expected to see by opening day. If it doesn’t happen tomorrow, it will definitely happen soon. Escobar can transition to becoming a back up utility infielder and bat off the bench. I'm sure he can still play a useful role on this team but we can't wait for him any longer. On today's Mets team, the future is now.   

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