Mets roster: 1 player to demote or release, 1 to trade, 1 to bench

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1 NY Mets player to trade

Trading a player is not much easier in today’s game. With all the money involved in today’s contracts, many teams cannot take on a new salary unless they can move out the proportional amount as part of the trade. This can make finding a trading partner very difficult. That’s why you’ll often see an extra player added to a trade in an effort to create some kind of monetary balance.

In looking for a player to trade who meets the criteria needed to facilitate a trade, that player would be Carlos Carrasco. As soon as Justin Verlander is ready to pitch again, I would keep Tylor Magill in the starting rotation and send Carrasco packing. A left handed starting pitcher making $14 million in the last year of his contract might be very desirable in a trade, so desirable that it may cause the Mets to want to hold on to him.

Carrasco had lost several mph off his fastball by the end of last season which could have been attributed to being tired from a long season. But so far this year he looks like he may have lost a few more. There is a chance that he may be moved from the trade to the benched category and sent to the bullpen. However, if Carrasco continues along this path, his trade value will never be more than it is right now.