1 most overpaid, 1 most underwhelming, and 1 most incomprehensible Mets player

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NY Mets roster: 1 most incomprehensible player, Francisco Lindor

So maybe you think Francisco Lindor is the most overpaid player on the Mets roster. At least we had last year. He is also still driving in runs. In a lot of ways, he has earned more of his contract by at least playing regularly. In the absence of Pete Alonso, the Mets cannot afford to sit him much at all.

Lindor is overpaid. He’s also underwhelming. But in terms of our choice of adjectives, he’s the most incomprehensible player on the roster. It has been a miserable start to the year and yet Lindor is one of the better shortstops in the National League. He is hitting for power, driving in runs, and if we lived in a socialist society where everyone made the same amount of money, we wouldn’t bat an eyelash at Lindor’s season.

Lindor’s massive fall from elite shortstop to something more in the middle since joining the Mets is hard to explain. Is it the pressure of playing in the Big Apple? Are the Mets cursed?

Something about Lindor has changed since coming to the Mets. One explanation could be his role with the team. Often hitting in the middle of the order, he thrived in Cleveland batting first. Needless to say, that’s not what the Mets need from him. They have plenty of leadoff hitter options.

Lindor is now batting .218/.292/.425 on the season with 12 home runs and 43 RBI. Of his 55 hits, 28 have been for extra bases. It’s a welcomed change and an explanation of his incomprehensible campaign.