Which Mets prospect continues the trend of a big rookie season in a year ending in 4?

Will we get another David Wright or Jacob deGrom in 2024?
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In 2004, David Wright made his New York Mets debut. Ten years later it was Jacob deGrom’s chance. It's only a coincidence that the last two seasons ending with a 4 featured a pair of notable Mets stepping onto the field for their major league debuts, right? I can't help but see a pattern.

We can even go back to 1984 and see Dwight Gooden and his dazzling rookie season. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything like it in 1994 to make this a full streak. Finding a comparison for Gooden is a futile and pointless effort as the Mets don’t quite have a fit there. No one is young enough anyway.

The thing about these prospects is how different the hype was. Wright was already acknowledged as a future star. deGrom earned his way there. Gooden seemed like a generational talent before ever stepping onto a major league field.

All three of these Mets legends debuted in a season ending in a 4 with amazing results. Who could do the same in 2024?

NY Mets prospect candidate to become a David Wright for the franchise

This works out well because the Mets are loaded with big time position players in the minors. For a Wright, we need to find a guy who meets a certain criteria. We need to eliminate any of the trade acquisitions. Remove Luisangel Acuna and Drew Gilbert from the equation. Who’s left?

Most befitting of the Wright path to the Mets is Jett Williams. He was also a first-round draft pick out of high school. He’s already ahead of where Wright was, reaching Double-A this year in his age 19 season. Wright didn’t get to Double-A until his age 21 season after three in the minors. However, Wright did catapult up quickly and would make his debut for the Mets later that season.

Williams has something else in common with Wright aside from their place in the back on a high school seating chart thanks to a last name ending in W. In order for the Mets to find room for him, someone is going to have to change their position. Could Williams be the guy who inevitably bumps Brandon Nimmo from center field into left field? The Mets won’t give him the Ty Wigginton treatment and trade him. That’s where the two differ.

Williams will have to do much more than play well on the field to match Wright’s contributions. It’s too early to see those leadership qualities The Captain had. If the baseball gods like history to repeat, he could make the most sense. Finding a deGrom, at least in commonality but maybe not in talent, does feel more likely.

NY Mets prospect candidate to become a Jacob deGrom for the franchise

So maybe we won't get a Wright in 2024. What about a deGrom? An overlooked yet successful pitcher a little older than some of the others.

Previous comparisons between deGrom and Tylor Megill had fans excited in the past. Those dreams have since sailed away. Aside from both being lower draft picks, they don’t have much else in common.

Mike Vasil was an eighth round draft pick who many will consider the most likely to have a rotation spot next season among the prospects. He’s not quite as “buried” on the prospect depth chart. We see him coming.

Christian Scott is another fascinating option. Drafted in the fifth round, he broke out in 2023 in a major way. A leap for him to the majors in 2024 isn’t outrageous to think. Could he be the next ace of the staff? Scott will turn 25 in the middle of next season which could match deGrom who was the same upon his debut—about a month prior to turning 26.

There’s also Tyler Stuart to consider. A huge 6 foot 9, 250lb sixth-round draft pick that pitched to a 2.20 ERA this season on the farm, he’s built entirely differently than deGrom physically. A career matching his would be a dream come true for Mets fans eager to see which, if any, prospects can live up to anything Wright, deGrom, or even Gooden delivered.