Predicting the position Ronny Mauricio plays the most for the Mets

Which position will Ronny Mauricio settle in at for the Mets?
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From New York Mets fans, to baseball experts and Mets reporters and beat writers, people have been wondering when we might see top prospect Ronny Mauricio will get the call to the major leagues. Mauricio has been everyone on notice after having an excellent Spring Training while most Mets players were at the World Baseball Classic, that trend continued when he was in the minor leagues this season with him slashing a batting average of .287 with 19 home runs and playing great on defense at second base.

So, if he will not get the call-up this season but possibly next season, many got to wonder where he will play. Having been primarily a second baseman, it might not be an easy transition for Mauricio with the Mets infield being already crowded with Francisco Lindor, Jeff McNeil, Mark Vientos, and Brett Baty playing in spots that Mauricio has. Still, I can definitely see a scenario where once Ronny Mauricio is in the MLB, he will be playing at second base.

Why Mets prospect Ronny Mauricio will play second base once he gets the call

If we are going to see Mauricio in the MLB this season or next season at some point, do not be surprised if the Mets put him at second base and move Jeff McNeil to left field. It may not be an ideal situation especially for McNeil moving to a different position, but if Mauricio does eventually get brought up, it has to happen.

We have not seen Mauricio play any position other than in the infield and with the Mets infield already full with lots of other talents, the Mets don't really have a choice but to move McNeil somewhere else with Mauricio not getting a lot of reps in the outfield. Plus, the Mets' outfield is not quite ideal right now. Besides Brandom Nimmo and a healthy Starling Marte being a part of the Mets' future going forward, the other outfielders they currently have are not players the Mets want to bring for the long haul.

Sure, DJ Stewart and Rafael Ortega have done a good job filling in for injuries and with other players being traded, they're not major league starters and the Mets don't need them. They're simply fill-in players for the rest of the season with the Mets not going anywhere in 2023 and if they want to contend in 2024, Stewart and Ortega will not be on this team.

That is why once Ronny Mauricio will get the call-up, expect him to play at second base right away. Even though there have been conflicting reports that McNeil does not like playing in the outfield sometimes, he's been really impressive making diving catches and living up to his nickname, the "flying squirrel." Mets fans should be really optimistic about what's to come in the coming years. Ronny Mauricio is going to be the spark the Mets need to get them back to the playoffs next year, so expect the Mets top prospect to get the bulk of the playing time at second base.