Is Robinson Cano the best designated hitter candidate for the Mets in 2022?

Robinson Cano at second base against the Washington Nationals.
Robinson Cano at second base against the Washington Nationals. / G Fiume/GettyImages
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Robinson Cano
Robinson Cano against the Tampa Bay Rays. / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

With the addition of the designated hitter, teams like the Mets, who have many strong candidates who could slot into the role, should benefit from having another hitter in the lineup. Although Mets fans will surely miss watching ace pitcher Jacob deGrom bat, a team that has struggled to score runs would welcome the addition of the designated hitter. 

The Mets are in a good position heading into the 2022 season, whenever it begins. Welcoming Robinson Cano back provides them with another capable hitter who could fortify the team’s flailing offense. Even if Cano only performs slightly below around his career, the Mets will be better off offensively.

There are several good reasons why Cano should serve and not serve as the designated hitter. What helps his cause for being the permanent designated hitter is that he has had extensive experience at the position. Being the designated hitter also allows him to avoid wear and tear on his knees. Considering his age, health is paramount for the aging slugger, and because he already missed a season, he is going to need to get back into a groove. That means he needs to stay healthy.

Cano's health and performance in an abbreviated Spring Training (when it begins) will ultimately decide how much he plays.

Overall, Cano appears to be a top contender for the designated hitter role. How much time he will get at the position will depend on a myriad of factors, including how he performs during the beginning of the season and how he conducts himself in the clubhouse. Because he was suspended for a drug-related issue, he will have to work on regaining the respect of his teammates.

However, if he comes to play with the right attitude and shows that he still has something left in the tank, the Mets will find a way to get him in the lineup, and his best opportunity appears to be the designated hitter role.

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