3 Mets relief pitchers who have unexpectedly stepped up big in 2022

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3) NY Mets relief pitcher Tommy Hunter stepped up big in 2022

Tommy Hunter became a fan favorite last year with the way he pitched and more so his attitude. When he was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays for Rich Hill in July, he was hurt and never would throw a professional pitch again. Once a free agent, he re-signed with the Mets on a minor league deal.

Hunter is a veteran reliever whose best days are in the past. However, at least in the innings he has gotten for the Mets in 2022, he appears to have some time traveling abilities. When given the chance, Hunter has been vintage.

Now on the IL, Hunter was able to give the Mets 14.1 quality innings resulting in a 2.51 ERA. It’s not quite at the level of the 8 shutout frames from last year prior to his injury and subsequent trade to the Rays. Nevertheless, his return was productive and hopefully he comes back to offer a little more.

Time will tell if Hunter has any staying power with the Mets. He does not have minor league options which means they would have to DFA him if they wanted to make a roster change. But if Hunter does continue to pitch well, there isn’t much of a point to make him the roster casualty.

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