3 Mets relief pitchers who have unexpectedly stepped up big in 2022

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2) NY Mets relief pitcher Stephen Nogosek stepped up big in 2022

Maybe even more surprising than the performance from Medina is what Stephen Nogosek has been able to accomplish for the Mets this season. He was first acquired by the team at the 2017 trade deadline in the Addison Reed deal with the Boston Red Sox. Granted free agency after last season, he re-signed with the Mets and has actually become an option for them when they need an arm.

In 2022, Nogosek has delivered a 2.30 ERA in 9 appearances spanning 15.2 innings. The ability to eat up more than a frame per appearance is a nice trait to have. Whether entering the game when the Mets are ahead by a lot or trailing, keeping things from getting out of hand has been a nice quality Nogosek has brought to the mound.

Prior to this season, Nogosek had only 9.2 innings of big league work. He wasn’t particularly good either, getting smacked around for 8 earned runs in 6.2 frames back in 2019 and 2 more in 2021 in only 3 innings.

If there is one concern, it’s how many home runs he has given up. Nogosek has surrendered 4 home runs already this season in only a limited number of innings. It was a problem in all of his big league innings and one reason why he hasn’t had all that much staying power in a big league bullpen.