3 Mets relief pitchers who have unexpectedly stepped up big in 2022

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The New York Mets bullpen could be one of the bigger questions surrounding the team. Fortunately, they have gotten some nice performances from some unexpected players.

In 2022, it’s these three relievers we need to give a little extra credit to. They handled some big innings in the absence of Trevor May and underperformance of others. Save some high fives for them.

First, let’s give an honorable mention to Colin Holderman who gave the Mets a 2.04 ERA performance in 17.2 innings of work. Hang your head in a brief moment of silence if you feel the need.

1) NY Mets relief pitcher Adonis Medina stepped up big in 2022

Adonis Medina might turn into the club’s best quiet move of the offseason. Purchased from the Pittsburgh Pirates back in April, he has been a rather exceptional addition to the bullpen on a regular basis throughout this season.

Medina’s minor league options have allowed the Mets to move him up and down from Triple-A to the majors. Having guys like this is important to get fresh arms without having to designate anyone for assignment. When the year began, this was going to be a slightly problem for the team. While still a minor concern, Medina is a guy the Mets can call upon regularly for big league innings.

In his 21 innings, Medina has given the Mets a 3.00 ERA performance. He hasn’t been overpowering or shown signs of being much more than a quality relief arm they can turn to. The fact that we never had all that many expectations for him and he still managed to get some big outs is good enough.

Players like Medina can fly under the radar. Considering how many free agent relief pitchers the Mets have this winter, he could be in for a spring battle for a more permanent roster spot.