This trade idea with the Reds involving Jeff McNeil deserves a big fat “no thank you”

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Why this trade is an overpay for the Mets

The Mets are gearing up for Baty to play third base very soon. I know Mark Vientos is an alternative option for the club at the position, but I feel they are far more invested in giving the position to Baty. Trading yet another first-round draft pick also feels like it could turn into a massive mistake. If there are three players in the minor leagues I don’t foresee the Mets trading, it’s Baty, Francisco Alvarez, and Matt Allan.

Replacing Baty with Ronny Mauricio is already a little more palatable. However, it still feels like a little too much. Ginn is the organization’s second-best pitching prospect. Trading him spoils one of the next top minor league pitchers that could have a big impact in the majors. I know there’s a big difference between him and anyone behind him on the club’s prospect list. For Castillo with so many other pieces also involved, I’d hesitate to include Ginn.

Finally, something that cannot be ignored in this or any trade involving McNeil is, McNeil!

He was an All-Star in 2019. Until 2021, he was a .300 hitter in all three opportunities to do so. He can play multiple positions. There’s a lot to like about him. He’s not an ill-fit on the Mets. In fact, just about every team could find a way to use him. Let’s not negate this.

Rising Apple’s Zach Rotman recently published his idea of a trade that he put together in collaboration with the team over at Blog Red Machine. This time, the Mets were able to actually feel a little less violated in the process by giving up lesser prospects and also getting another big league player in the process. This is what they come up with:

When it comes to trading for Castillo, it’s going to cost the Mets something sweet. But let’s not raise the Reds’ blood sugar too high by giving them something loaded with sugary goodness.

Of course, people in Cincinnati probably have a completely different idea. Castillo is a golden boy for many of those fans. McNeil is just a light-hitting infielder/outfielder they don’t really need.

The two franchises have already made some huge deals over the years. Is there another in the works involving Castillo, McNeil, and a whole bunch more? Somebody end this lockout already so we can find out.

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