This trade idea with the Reds involving Jeff McNeil deserves a big fat “no thank you”

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Cincinnati. The home of Reds. The place where the Drew Barrymore/Keanu Reeves version of Babes in Toyland takes place. Is it also the destination for New York Mets trade candidate Jeff McNeil?

McNeil might be one of the league’s hottest trade candidates right now even if the Hot Stove is waiting for its repairman to end the lockout. The Mets are rumored to have a willingness to shop him once action does resume. The Reds, with pitchers to move, are a logical destination.

Over at Fansided’s Reds website, Blog Red Machine, Drew Koch put together a trade proposal for the two clubs to get a deal done. Centered on the Mets acquiring starting pitcher Luis Castillo, it’s a deal worth whipping out your biggest, fattest “no thank you.”

This Mets trade idea to make with the Reds is easy to pass on

Koch’s deal includes four players going to the Reds for Castillo. They are McNeil, Brett Baty, J.T. Ginn, and Junior Santos.

Give yourself a moment to digest this.

Baty is the number two ranked prospect the Mets have according to At worst, he’s number three on most other lists. has Ginn rated at number five. Every list you find will have him at least in the top ten.

Just because they are rated highly on the Mets’ list doesn’t mean they’re necessarily future stars. However, Baty is a recent first-round draft pick and a top 100 MLB prospect. Ginn, a second-round pick who had actually gone unsigned two years earlier as the 30th overall selection, might get there one day. His professional career is way too young at the moment.

Then there’s Santos, rated at number 15 in the club’s system. Much easier to deal away, adding him into this deal just provides the Reds with a little more security to ensure they come away as the winners in this move.

With all of these players included, the Mets have to be getting back something spectacular. When I think of the word spectacular, I think of large desserts, the Rockettes, and two parts of one particular girlfriend of Jerry Seinfeld; not Luis Castillo.