4 Mets redemption stories we should all root to see take place this year

New York Mets Introduce Carlos Beltran - Press Conference
New York Mets Introduce Carlos Beltran - Press Conference / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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From Bob Marley’s Redemption Song to Lloyd Christmas totally redeeming himself by trading the van for a minibike or whatever that contraption was, tales of redemption are always fun to watch. This year, the New York Mets have a couple waiting for them to occur.

On different scales, it’s these four Mets redemption stories I’ve picked as the best ones we should all sign up to see.

1) NY Mets redemption story: Carlos Beltran making a front office impact

Carlos Beltran is back with the Mets as the Assistant General Manager. While his impact on the franchise may not be felt directly or even this year, his return to the organization is huge.

The last time we saw Beltran with the Mets was in early 2020. He was going to manage the team until whispers of the Houston Astros cheating in 2017 grew louder. Beltran was an alleged mastermind of the controversy. The Mets fired him before he ever got to manage a single game.

It looked like Beltran would never work for the Mets again. Time healed these wounds. After working for the New York Yankees last year, he has come back to the Mets where he’ll take on a different yet still important role.

Beltran’s return to the Mets is the start of a huge hero arc. We saw him punished earlier this year on the Hall of Fame ballot. A guy with all the makings of a future resident of Cooperstown, the only reason to not vote for him is to give him a “tisk, tisk” for his involvement with the Astros and their cheating a few years ago.

The longest redemption story on this list, it’s one every Mets fan is unified in hoping to see come true.