The Mets record for most stolen bases in a season by the team

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets
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Stolen base records may not be broken with the new MLB rules for some ball clubs. However, we can expect personal numbers to go up and possibly help challenge the franchise records for some of the newer organizations. The New York Mets may fall into this category eventually. Their record for the most stolen bases in a season by the team is beatable if they have the right roster to do it.

The Mets have been running rampant at the start of the 2023 season. Can they set a new mark or come close to challenging?

NY Mets record for most stolen bases by a team was set in 2007

The 2007 Mets season ended in disappointment and that’s really all many of us remember it for. They also ran wild that season with a team and individual record for stolen bases reached.

This was the year when Jose Reyes set a new mark for the franchise by successfully swiping 78 bases. Many Mets teams since haven’t even reached his individual total. The 78 successfully swiped bags would account for a large portion of the record-setting 200 bases the Mets grabbed that year.

Other big base stealers included David Wright with 34 and Carlos Beltran with 23. Carlos Gomez, a guy we all know played for the Mets early on in his career yet don’t really remember it much, was fourth with 12 steals.

With Reyes and Wright accounting for well over 100 by themselves, it’s easy to see why this team was able to set a franchise record. Will it fall in 2023 or beyond? Probably not this season. Starling Marte is likely to lead the way, however, we should set the bar well below Reyes’ record 78.

Future Mets teams may have a bit more luck. If rule changes continue to benefit offense, the 2007 team record for stolen bases may be in danger of falling.

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