1 Mets record we could see broken in 2023

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We have seen some New York Mets records broken in the past few years. We saw the Mets last season get hit by a pitch a total of 112 times, breaking the record for most hit by pitches in a single season. We have also seen Pete Alonso break a few records. Back in 2019, Pete Alonso broke the rookie home run record by hitting 53 home runs as well as set the Mets franchise record for home runs in a season.

Alonso, last season, broke the record for most runs batted in by a New York Met in a single season with 131. Out of all the Mets records out there what is one record that has a chance at being broken in 2023? That answer is the RBI record again and by Pete Alonso who will outdo himself again this year.

Pete Alonso has the ability to break the record of RBIs he just set last season. He has had 2 seasons where he had over 100 RBIs. Those seasons were of course, last year and his rookie year in 2019 where he had 120 RBIs in 161 games. The 131 that he had last year was done in 160 games. Alonso will need 132 RBIs to break the record which he can do as long as he is healthy.

Pete Alonso can break the NY Mets RBI record again, here's how.

This record definitely has a chance at being broken this year, here’s how. Since the lineup will pretty much be similar to last year’s, this means Pete will most likely be in the cleanup spot. With him being there he will have 3 batters ahead of him in the lineup. Those three will most likely be Brandon Nimmo, Francisco Lindor, and Starling Marte in some order. With those 3 who are able to get on base in some way whether it’s a walk, hit, or even getting hit by a pitch, they will help to give Alonso the best chance to get a few RBIs when he comes up to bat.

Another advantage that can help Pete to break the record is the right field wall being moved in at Citi Field for next season. The fence will be moved in 8 feet, 6 in which will be just to the right of the 370 ft sign in right center. This can help Alonso as he is a power hitter and has the strength to drive the ball to the opposite field. Even though he is a right-handed hitter, Alonso can still hit to right field and probably will get more homers to that side of the field than he has in previous years. All Alonso needs to break the record is 1 more RBI than he had last season which he is more than capable of.

The Mets have a lot of records that were broken in recent years as said earlier. If Alonso can have a season like he did last year, then he will have no problem breaking his RBI record that he set last season. He will definitely have the opportunities in front of him to do it and he has the advantages as well. The question will be, can he remain healthy for a full season, which he has been so far. That would be his only roadblock that would stop him from breaking the record. We will soon find out if he can make Mets history again this year.

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