2 reasons the Mets will finish above .500, 2 reasons they will finish below

The Mets have played .500 baseball in their first 36 games. Will they end the year over or under the even mark?
New York Mets v St. Louis Cardinals
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The Mets will finish above .500 because many of their best hitters haven’t played well yet

This is a bit of a “cope” yet it needs to be stated. With as bad as so many of the top hitters on this team have performed, we have to believe they’ll be better at some point and the result will have the Mets playing more competitive baseball. Just as Francisco Lindor seemed to crawl out of his slump, Pete Alonso replaced him in the doghouse.

The team hasn’t been a barrel of missed opportunities. They’ve actually been closer to average in terms of offensive production. Their biggest problem is the length at which guys like Lindor and Alonso go completely cold.

To look at some of the numbers posted by Lindor, Alonso, and Jeff McNeil and for them to be as alive as they are is impressive. All three have failed this year to play to the back of their baseball cards. Their shortcomings should’ve buried the Mets completely.

Fortunately, the number of games where all three were really bad has been few. Lindor started badly while Alonso raked. McNeil has been a frustrating player but he is spraying his hits a little more evenly than that pairing.

This wasn’t the offensive attack we expected out of the Mets. Guys like DJ Stewart are finding their way into the middle of the lineup. How are Harrison Bader and Tyrone Taylor going to lead the club in batting average?

A long MLB season has a way of averaging out. Once Lindor, Alonso, and maybe even McNeil get their acts together, the Mets can push themselves above .500 and hopefully for good.